Intelligent Age: 4 Major Features Of Wireless Remote Control Switch

104 Published by xia, Crystal Aug 23,2018

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The wireless remote control switch is a new type of intelligent switch that uses radio frequency 
identification(RFID)technology to control various types of lamps,doors,curtains and other household
items with a wireless remote control, and can control one or more lamps in the room. 
With the wireless remote control switch, you don't have to rely on intuition and habits
to find the switch on the wall in the dark night. You don't have to sleep hard to climb out of the bed 
to turn off the lights.The convenience of the remote control switch can be seen.

4 major features of the wireless remote control switch:

1. The wireless remote control switch can be remotely controlled from a long distance, even if it is 
separated by a wall. Because it uses radio frequency technology, it is not subject to many restrictions. 
In general, signals can be received within 20 to 100 meters, and 2 to 3 walls can be penetrated.

2. Because wireless remote control uses millions of non-re-code recognition technologies, they do not 
interfere, even in the same area, the probability of its re-code is very low.

3. Intelligent learning code technology can only be one-to-one correspondence, and the relationship 
between them cannot be changed. However, after using the code recognition technology, the remote
 controller can be configured separately from the switch, so it can be flexible. Control the lights.

4. The wireless remote control switch has strong anti-interference function and lightning protection 
function, so its reliability is very high. In addition, it has manual control and remote control mode,
which is very convenient to use.

Advantages of the wireless remote control switch: The remote control switch is very easy to install. It 
does not need to be connected to the neutral line, and it does not need to change any lighting fixtures
 to replace the original switch directly. When the call is lost after power failure, it will be in the 
automatic shutdown state, without wasting power, and can also centrally control all the remote control
switches in the home. Its design is various, there are many choices, and the remote control switch can 
be combined with the traditional mechanical switch, which is easy and convenient to operate.

How about the wireless remote control switch? Now the technology is more and more developed, and
 the functions of the wireless remote control switch are more and more complete. This brings 
convenience to the user while enjoying different functions. By understanding the above knowledge
of the remote control switch, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the remote control
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