The development of wireless receiving module and its price trend

114 Published by admin Jun 21,2018

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Wireless receiving modules have been widely used in the electronic industry in recent years. The wireless receiver module (RF Wireless Receiver Module) is generally divided into two types: super regenerative and superheterodyne receiving modules. According to whether there is codec, it can be divided into wireless receiving head (without decoding, output pulse signal), wireless receiving board (with decoding). Chip, output TTL level signal. Wireless receiver module is widely used in wireless remote control, remote control toys, anti-theft alarm, garage door, roll gate, gate, expansion gate and other gate control industries, wireless 232 data communication, wireless 485/422 data communication, digital audio, digital image transmission and other fields.

wireless receiving module China YET

YET218 super heterodyne decoded shield 3-5V wireless transmitting and receiving module

The number of connected Internet of things is increasing year by year. Wireless communication module as an important bridge for Internet of things will achieve volume in the year. According to the public data, in 2017, the number of connections in China reached the number of people, and in 2018 it was on the turning point of the Internet of things connection. It is expected that in the next three years, the connection number of the Internet of things will reach 7 billion, the cellular connection will exceed 25%, and the honeycomb Association of the three big operators in 2020 will reach 2 billion. In general, each additional Internet connection number needs to increase 1-2 wireless communication modules. The rapid development of the Internet of things will directly promote the outburst of the wireless communication module.

In recent years, the price of wireless receiving modules has also been rising. As the market is hot, and the demand for raw materials is increasing, the wireless receiving module is also rising, but it is still popular with the public. Especially in the field of intelligent technology, wireless receiver module has become a high-tech product, and will drive the rapid development of technology and electronics industry.

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