What kind of convenience does the smart door lock bring to us?

104 Published by xia, Crystal 9月 21,2018

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The emergence of smart phones, instead of most of the button phone, is because it is more convenient to use; the emergence of smart door locks will also replace most of the traditional mechanical locks, in addition to smart door locks are more secure, convenience is also a major factor.



The emergence of smart door locks is a necessity

Previously, or now, we have to put the keys in our pockets, always beware of the loss of keys, mainly because we are afraid that we can’t enter the house; smart door locks are not only no longer carry keys with them, but also give many new functions and solve many new ones. Problems, such as when you are on a business trip, worry about whether your child will go home on time; when you can’t go home to visit your parents and don’t worry about them; when you are not at home, worry about being thieves… Smart door locks can provide you with A good solution.

What does the smart door lock bring?

1.Healed obsessive-compulsive disorder

The biggest trouble for traditional mechanical locks is that they need to bring keys to and from the house. They also need to bring keys when they go to work. Once you forget or lose the keys, you may be rejected by the security door. However, if you install a smart door lock, you can easily enter the home by simply entering your fingerprint, or brushing your face, or entering your password.

2. With a smart lock, no longer being memorized by thieves

In terms of security, smart door locks have advantages that traditional locks can’t match. For example, many smart door locks support the virtual password function. You can add multiple or more sets of garbled characters before and after the correct password. As long as there are consecutive correct passwords in this set of data. The fingerprint door lock can be turned on; at the same time, many smart door locks also have the function of recognizing true and false fingerprints, and non-living, duplicated fingerprints cannot open the lock.

3. Bring care to your family

With smart door locks installed, parents don’t have to worry about children accidentally locking themselves indoors. They don’t have to worry about the children leaving school after school, and the old people have not been left for a long time. Undoubtedly, it provides a good guarantee for the family’s warmth, and has established a good security link for information communication between the home and the door.

Yaoertai Technology, professional wireless smart door lock technology for more than ten years, fingerprint smart door lock is relatively mature in technology. The technology adopted by the fingerprint smart door lock is “electromechanical conversion device”, the “semiconductor” living body recognition adopted by the fingerprint identification system, the outer casing adopts the alloy integrated molding technology, and the surface automobile lamp nano baking paint technology is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and is a cost-effective fingerprint. Smart door lock brand.

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