How to properly install the sliding door motor and its controller?

13 Published by xia, Crystal Oct 12,2018

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The automatic sliding door motor has a small driving device and a DC brushless motor with a relatively high power. The gearbox of the automatic sliding door is decelerated by a worm gear with a high transmission rate and low noise, and then the belt module is driven. Therefore, it is possible to ensure continuous operation in a fast frequency state. So how to properly install the sliding door motor and its controller?



1. Before installing the sliding door motor, the engineer or installer must understand the site environment. The motor is installed on the left or right.

2. According to the site design, the optimal position for the sliding door installation, and the fixing method of the door body.

3. Choose external sliding door controller or built-in sliding door controller according to need. Generally, the external sliding door controller is selected in the factory, school and community door, which is more convenient for doorman management.

4. Where the flow rate is relatively large, the sliding door motor is opened and closed frequently. It is better to use the DC sliding door motor because the AC sliding door motor generates heat during frequent switching, which will affect the performance of the motor.

5. After selecting the motor, it is better to install the infrared protection device. The controller of the same sliding door motor has an infrared protection interface for the user to choose.

6. During the process of installing the sliding door motor, please install the worker or the installation engineer to carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer to avoid unnecessary trouble during the installation process.

7. After installing the motor, the installer should explain to the user how to perform the daily operation check and maintenance of the sliding door motor.



I believe that after learning the above 7 points about the installation of the sliding door motor and its controller, the sliding door motor and its controller will be more clearly understood.
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