Introduction of YET205B special RF receiver module for motors

132 Published by admin Jun 27,2018

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Radio frequency receiving module YET205B is an ideal choice for all kinds of AC and DC motor remote control products, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity and fast starting time, which has the characteristics of strong resistance to power ripple interference and motor rotation.

YET RF receiver module for motors

In today’s intelligent and rapid development, radio remote control technology has been applied to various fields, such as industry, agriculture, mechanical manufacturing, electronic equipment, and sports equipment and other industries control (pumps, garage doors, rolling shutters, road sluice, treadmill and so on). The remote controller launches data, and after receiving the wireless receiving module, the data can be translated by a programmable MCU, and the relay is disconnected or combined to realize the functions of positive, reverse, acceleration, or deceleration of the motor. Because of all kinds of electromagnetic interference in the inner loop of the motor, the control distance can not meet the requirements of the customer, the motor is easy to open, it is difficult to turn off, the control response speed is slow, and the false trigger and so on. In order to reduce the influence of electromagnetic interference, the wireless receiver module needs to have strong electromagnetic interference resistance capability to achieve effective control of the motor.

YET205 b super heterodyne band decoding 3-5V radio frequency transmitting and receiving module is a wireless receiving module with high cost performance ISM band. It has perfect anti-static protection and high reliability. It is widely used in all kinds of door control, vehicle system, security, industrial control and communication. This system is used for complex environment and system requirements. High ideal choice.

Modulation mode: ASK/FSK;

Working frequency: 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz (special frequency can be customized according to customer requirements).

Working voltage: DC3-5V;

Working temperature: -30 C to +85 C;

Transmission rate: 2.4Kbps;

Receiving sensitivity: -105dBm;

Static current: <5mA;

External size: 30 x 8.5 x 5mm;

Receiving distance: 100-300m;

Decoder chip: learning code, fixed code, scroll code, microcontroller and so on, can be customized according to customer requirements.

Output mode: point movement, self lock, interlock optional;

Output signal: four road data, 1 signal indication;

Signal type: level output;

Application scope: YET205 b super heterodyne 3-5V wireless transmitting and receiving module is widely used in remote control door opener; wireless security alarm; wireless doorbell; Auto remote control gate switch (RKE); wireless controller; wireless data transmission and other fields.

Working mode: signal movement, signal self locking, signal interlocking.
YET technology has introduced radio frequency receiving module for all kinds of motor remote control. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, strong resistance to power and strong electromagnetic interference. It is especially suitable for the non line remote control products in electromagnetic noise environment, such as large electromagnetic interference and high ripple of power supply.

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