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Product Name YET854 One-Circuit Wireless Intelligent Receiving Receiver

YET854 One-Circuit Wireless Intelligent Receiving Receiver

Product Specification:

  • Operating voltage :AC/DC12V
  • Static operating current:≤6mA
  • Working temperature:-40 °C - +80 °C
  • Receiving sensitivity:≥ -112dBm
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Ⅰ. Overview
The YET854, which is designed and manufactured by our company, is a wireless intelligent receiving controller compatible with LiftMaster’s remote controller. It outputs a switch signal for a relay, enabling the equipment to be controlled to reach on/off, on/off switching, and various special control programs. Claim. Mainly used in electric doors, windows, lifting equipment, gateways, lifters, industrial control and security industries.
The wireless receiving controller has the characteristics of high security, large storage capacity, stable performance and low power consumption, and is easy to use, does not need to adopt the traditional jumper or dial switch code, only the wireless signal transmitted by the remote controller The receiving controller receives and stores, and can achieve supporting use. If the learned remote controller is lost during use, simply clear the information stored in the receiver controller, and the lost remote controller will not be able to remotely control the receiver controller. To regain usage rights, the owner must re-use the remote controller. Learn again before you can use it.

Ⅱ.Output method: jog

Ⅲ. learning and clearing method and steps
Press the learning button S1 on the controller, release the learning button after the LED changes from light to off, the controller enters the learning state (the LED is off), then press and hold the remote control to control the button once, the LED turns off. Lighten up, and then press the button that the remote controller just learned again for the second time. The controller light flashes 5 times quickly, and then turns on, indicating successful learning. Up to 200 remote control buttons of this type can be learned.
If the remote controller is lost and you want to disable all the remote controllers, press the learning button (over 10S) for a long time until the LED turns off and the controller automatically clears the memory. To use it again, just learn it again.

Ⅵ. the main technical indicators

Operating voltage AC/DC12V
Static operating current ≤6mA
Working temperature -40 °C – +80 °C
Receiving sensitivity ≥ -112dBm
Operating frequency 315MHz, 433MHz (optional)
Contact current ≤ 3A
Remote control capacity 200 (LiftMaster)
Size 100mmx62mmx25mm

V. Wiring diagram


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