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Product Name Car alarm YET851

Car alarm YET851

Product Specification:

  • voltage:6v
  • frequency:433Mhz
  • code:learning code
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Output current:  signal light:5A*2, siren 10A, central lock 10A

Coding:  learning code

Voltage: 12+-2V

Static Current:  <15mA(except indicator, sensor)

Indicator Current:  20mA intermittently

Shock Sensor Current:  <1mA

Frequency:  300Mhz~433Mhz


Voltage:  12V

Current:  0mA

Battery:  27A/12V

Frequency:  300Mhz~350Mhz

Coding: learning code

Coding times:  >1 million

Functions description

  1. Warning by sound and light

Press the button,the central lock is locked up, it will entry into the alarming status after 3 seconds.

  1. Silent in arm

Press the button, the central lock is locked up, and it will entry into the alarming status after 3 seconds, but the siren would not chirping.

  1. Trigger warning
  2. Disarm and auto alarm.

Press the button once, it disarms the alarms, and after 25 sceonds, if the car door is not closed, or not in arm the alarm, the system will auto return to alarming status.

  1. Remote trunk release.

Long press the button for two seconds, the back trunk is released and direction light gleam for three times.

  1. Help calling

When driving the car, press the button and for two seconds, the siren will be chirping for 25 seconds, and direction light will be gleaming simultaneity. Press any button to stop it.

  1. Auto get into alarm (optional)

When stop the engine and lock the door, but is after 15 seconds, it still not in arm the car, the alarm will be get into alarm status silent, but central lock is not locked up.(Special note: the function can be optional through setting the remote, the operation is as follows: disarm the alarm, put the ACC to ON position, long press the button + for two seconds, the siren chirp once, it sets for auto alarm. If the siren chirp or two times, it sets for without auto alarm function.  *The factory setting is without auto alarm function)

I .Reminding function.

  • Reminding in arm the car: when sop the engine, get off the car and lock the door, if it has not in armed the alarm within 15 seconds, the siren will sound bi… for three times to remind the car owner to in arm the car again.
  • Reminding the door closed: when the door is not closed propriety, if in arm the alarm, the system will sound three times to reminding the car owner to lock the door well. If not closed the door well in 35 seconds, it will warning.(Special note: this function can set through remote. The operation is as follows: disarm the alarm first,put the ACC to ON position, press the button and for three seconds, the siren chirp for one time to show it setting reminding door closed function; the siren chirp for two time, it shows that closed the reminding door closed function.  The factory setting is reminding door close function.
  1. Central door lock automation.

When drive the car after 5 seconds, then press the footbrake, it will auto lock up the door. When stop the engine the car will unlocked. When driving the car, press the button to lock the central lock and press the button to unlocked the central door lock.

  1. Trigger memory

When the power is cut off, when put on power, and 5 seconds later, the alarm will return to previous status.

  1. Parking on roadside warning.

When stop the car and open the door, the direction light will flashing for 30 time to reminding the passenger.

  1. LED indicate.

In warning: LED flash for 2 times, and stay for 1 second

Vibration by triggered: LED flash for 4 times, and stay for 1 second.

Switch triggered: LED switch on for 2 seconds, and stay for 2 seconds.

Triggered and disarm the alarm: LED long switch on.

  1. Two stage vibration alarm.

In alarming status, first stage: if the car is vibration lightly, the direction will gleaming for 5 times, the siren chirp for 5 times. Seconds stage: if the alarm triggered heavy or trigger switch for 25 seconds.

  1. Emergency disarm.

If lose the remotes, it needs to disarm the alarm, you can open the car door, put the key from OFF to ACC/ON for 8 times, it can disarm the alarm.

  1. Learn the code for remote

Open the car door, put the OFF to ACC/ON position for 5 times within 10 seconds, and stay in ACC/ON positon, will chirp for 4 times, it entry into the learning code status. Press the button of remotes, siren chirp for one time, it show it has succed learn the code. It can learn the code for 4 remote for one alarm.

Turn the ACC/ON to OFF positon, the LED light will put off, it shows the code learning is stop.


Could I order one piece for sample to test the quality?
Yes, We recommend checking the sample before order. You could order the sample before your order.

What is the MOQ of your remote control?

The MOQ is 100pcs after you have tested the sample.

Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we have our own factory, production line, SMT machine and R&D department.

Do you have Complete&strict QC system ?

4-10 years experienced offers,complete QN system including IQC,IPQC,FQC,QN,and QE

What are your main products?

We are specializing in remote control, receiver, receiver module and smart home system etc.

If you have any need, please feel free to let us know.




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