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Product Name Wireless infrared probe alarm YET601

Wireless infrared probe alarm YET601

Product Specification:

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In the field of electronic anti-theft and human body detectors, passive thermoluminescent infrared detectors are widely used, and they are welcomed by users and professionals because of their low price and stable technical performance.
Working Principle and Characteristics of Passive Thermoelectric Infrared Probe
The human body has a constant body temperature, usually at 37 degrees, so it emits infrared rays of about 10 UM at a specific wavelength. The passive infrared probe works by detecting infrared rays of about 10 UM emitted by the human body. The infrared rays emitted by the human body are enhanced by the Fresnel filter and gathered on the infrared sensing source. Infrared sensing sources usually use thermoluminescent elements. When they receive changes in the temperature of the human body’s infrared radiation, they lose their charge balance and release charges outwards. Subsequent circuits can produce alarm signals after detection.



Consumption current: ≤ 18mA(DC12V)
Detection distance: 12m
Detection angle: 110 degrees
Self-examination time: about 60S
Alarm indicator: Red LED
Coverage area: 11 in the Far District, 8 in the Central District, and 5 in the Near District
Sensor: Dual Thermolysis Infrared Sensor
Operating temperature: -10 °C ~ +50 °C
Environmental humidity: maximum 95 <unk> RH(no condensation)
RF interference: 10MHz-1 GHz 20V/m
Installation: wall or corner installation
Installation height: 1.7-2 .5(recommended installation height: 2.2 M)
Alarm output: NC/NO optional, contact DC28V100mA
Anti-demolition output: NC, contact DC28V100mA
Shape size: 89 * 52.5 * 38.5</unk>


This kind of probe is aimed at detecting the radiation of the human body. Therefore, thermoluminescent elements must be very sensitive to infrared radiation with a wavelength of about 10 UM.
In order to be sensitive only to the infrared radiation of the human body, its radiation surface is usually covered with a special Fresnel filter, so that the interference of the environment is clearly controlled.
A passive infrared probe has two thermoluminescent elements in series or in parallel. Moreover, the two polarization directions are exactly the opposite, and the environmental background radiation has almost the same effect on the two thermal release elements, causing them to produce an electrical release effect that offsets each other, so the detector has no signal output.

Once a person invades the detection area, the human body’s infrared radiation is focused through part of the mirror and is received by the thermolysis element. However, the heat received by the two thermolysis elements is different, and the thermolysis is different. It can not be offset. After signal processing and alarm.
According to the performance requirements, the Fresnel filter has different focal lengths(induction distances), resulting in different monitoring fields. The more the field of view, the tighter the control.

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