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Product Name App control FRA FRC US UK EU smart plug YET YET6004-WIFI

App control FRA FRC US UK EU smart plug YET YET6004-WIFI

Product Specification:

  • Input Voltage:AC90~AC240V 50Hz
  • Working Frequency:2.4G ~2.5G(2400M ~2483.5M)Hz
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Note: This specification is applicable to: Chinese, American, British, French,German.


        Android                         Android                        IOS(users)

    (Chinese users)            (User in other countries)


1、Product summary

YET6004WF-AXXX It is a plug that can connect to the Internet via WiFi. This product uses simple and convenient Smart Link network technology. It supports multiple timing tasks. Users can configure tasks according to their own needs.

With this device, users can turn on/ off the device, also check the status, power consumption by mobile app.

2、Product Features

  • SupportingWi-Fi intranet or extranet connection: It can be used as a single product or networking [Multi-product] to be controlled.
  • SupportingSmart Link network technology: Network configuration is simple and convenient.
  • Supportingelectrical load power status and push it to client terminal in real time: “Load current voltage value, load instant power consumption, load electricity power.”
  • Supportingtiming function: Users can configure multiple timing tasks according to their needs.
  • Easy installation: easy to use, safe and reliable.
  • Support under voltage, overvoltage alarming and cut off.

3、Product Specification

Input Voltage AC90~AC240V  50Hz
Load Current Imax =10A (Resistive load), Imax =5A(Active load)

Accuracy:0.01A      Accuracy:+/- 1%

Load Voltage AC90 ~ AC240V 50Hz

Accuracy:0.1V       Accuracy:+/- 1%

Instantaneous Power 3W ~2500W(Resistive load),3W ~1250W(Active load)

Accuracy:0.1W     Accuracy:<300W, +/- 3W   >300W,+/-1%

Electricity Power Accuracy:0.001KWH   Accuracy:+/-1%
Wireless Standard IEEE802.11b/g/n
Working Frequency 2.4G ~2.5G(2400M ~2483.5M)Hz
Encryption Type WEP/TKIP/AES
Security Mechanism WPA/WPA2
Receiving Sensitivity 802.11 b: -91 dbm (11 Mbps)

802.11 g: -75 dbm (54 Mbps)

Transmit Power 802.11 b: +20 dBm    802.11 g: +17 dBm
Working Environment Temperature:-10℃~+50℃    Humidity:5%~95%
Storage Environment Temperature:-20℃~+70℃    Humidity:5%~95%
Size  110*62*35mm


4、Product instruction (The picture is only for reference

  1. 1 Product factory parameter configuration
  • The load power in off- state
  • The load voltage, current, power & consumption data is reset
  • LED off, flashes 2 time each 3s(Interval period synchronization with the current state of the switch)


4.2 Manual operation

  • Tact button:
  • Internet connecting: press the button 3 times quickly to send the device info and enter program mode, please follow the APP to finish connection
  • Open/ close function: press the button to open and close the smart plug
  • Restore factory settings: Press the button over 10s to reset to factory setting.
  • LED indication
  • Power on situation: LED light up for 3s,
  • if the memory function is turned on, it is consistent with the last state, otherwise it will go off directly
  • Normal working condition: Light on when plug on, light off when plug off
  • Programming mode: flash 30s quickly,  if change to slow flash 3 times then Synchronize to the plug status
  • Error condition: LED flashes quickly, power off automatically.


4.3 Remote operation

 4.3.1 App download and installation

  • Android system:
  • Domestic users:Users can search keywords Yaoertai or Safemate through SnapPea App Store or 360 mobile phone Assistance, then download the latest version: safemate.apk and install the App following the instructions.
  • Foreign users:user can search keywords Yaoertai or Safemate through google play, then download the latest version Safemate and install the App following the instructions.
  • iOS user can search keywords Yaoertai or Safemate through App Store, then download the latest version Safemate and install the App following the instructions. 4.3.2 APP User Registration& log-in:
    • User Registration

    Press the register button to enter to fullfil Registration

  • Press the Country/Region to select your country and input your Mobile Number, get Captcha  to verify and agreed the Disclaimer to continue
  • In the users information page, please input your email address, password(8digits) and then press FINISH button. Ifregistration succeed, the app will return to the log-in page, please input your password to contibue.       
  • User log-in
  • Uers must log-in to use this app. You can log-in with your Mobile Number or email address.4.3.3 App operation

       Press the setting button enter Personal center, in the  “Users manual” you can manage your account, device etc:

    • Account manage:About account registration, account log-in, password management, email management etc
    • Device manage:About new device adding, device classification, device info etc
    • Place manage:About adding new location, modify location, change/delete location etc
    • Device control:About device and operation etc
    • 4.3.4 Product control
      • Smart link

      Please refer to the following steps to work this function.

      • Press the Add devicebutton , and choose Wifi-Smart as the configure method to enter the Smart-Configure
      • In the Smart-Configurepage, please input the Wifi-password, and your mobile device will enter the configuring status after r pressing the OK button.
      • At the same time, Press the switch-tact on the product three-times quickly, and the LED will be flicking.
      • Wait for a moment, the app will appear the Configured successfullyinformation to tell you the new device has connected your mobile device successfully.
      • Master control        When device added successfully, press the device icon to enter the master control page.Congratulation, you can control the new device as you like.


        Question 1: Why does LED keep flashing slowly after failing to add device?

        Flashing slowly means the device is connecting Wifi router, if it connects over 60 seconds, it’s failed. Under this situation, you may have entered wrong Wifi password or data error during transmission. So users have to check the network of your phone or Wifi router, make sure wifi router haven’t set connecting restriction, then try to reconfigure it again.


        Question 2: Why does the device can’t be controlled suddenly?

        1. Please check whether Wi-Fi password is changed, then check the state of LED. If it flashes slowly, it means the device is disconnected with wifi router. Just reconfigure it;
        2. The device’s IP address assigned by router changes due to network, and results in the actual IP address inconsistent with the IP address saved by APP. With this situation, just exit then reset the APP to re-obtain device information.


        Question 3: Why does the device is under normal control but don’t have return status?

        This situation is normally caused by using second-order router. Please check whether device and phone are connecting to the same router. If not, please configure them to connect to the same router.



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