Introduction of motor controller and its scope of application

112 Published by admin Jun 28,2018

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The motor controller is an integrated circuit that controls the motor according to the set direction, speed, angle and response time through active work. In the electric vehicle, the function of the motor controller is to convert the electric energy stored by the power battery into the electric energy required by the driving motor according to the instructions of the gear, the throttle and the brake, to control the running state of the electric vehicle, such as the starting operation, the speed, the climbing strength, etc., or will help the electric vehicle to brake, and then brake the part of the brake. Car energy is stored in a power battery. It is one of the key parts of an electric vehicle.

YET  motor controller

Telemetry gate motor controller

Motor controller, as one of the core components of electric vehicle, is the decisive factor of vehicle dynamic performance. It obtains the demand of the whole vehicle from the vehicle controller, obtains the electric energy from the power battery package, and through the modulation of its own inverter, it gets the current and voltage to control the motor needed, and provides the motor, making the motor speed and torque meet the requirements of the whole vehicle.

As the control center of the whole braking system, the motor controller is composed of two parts, the inverter and the controller. The inverter receives the direct current power from the battery and convers it into three phase alternating current to provide power for the motor. The controller receives the signal of the motor speed and other signals to the instrument. When the braking or acceleration behavior occurs, the controller controls the frequency rise and fall of the frequency converter so as to achieve the purpose of acceleration or deceleration.

In many applications, small motors with power less than 300 W are used, such as cars, printers, duplicator, paper processors, factory automation,

Space and military vehicles, testing equipment and robots. On the whole, the output of the motor is inversely proportional to its power, which means that the output of the small motor is much larger than that of the large motor.

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