Brief introduction of infrared radiation sensor and its working principle

194 Published by tuiguang 7月 03,2018

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Infrared radiation sensor are sensors that measure the physical properties of infrared rays. Infrared, also known as infrared light, has the properties of reflection, refraction, scattering, interference, absorption and so on. It is an invisible light whose spectrum is located outside the red of visible light, so it is called infrared.

YET Brief introduction of infrared radiation sensor

In today’s highly developed science and technology, the proportion of automatic control and automatic testing in people’s daily life and industrial control is becoming more and more heavy, making people’s life more and more comfortable, the efficiency of industrial production is getting higher and higher. The sensor is an important component of automatic control. It is an important part of the information acquisition system. Through the sensor, the sensing or response is converted into a signal suitable for transmission or detection (usually a signal), and then the signal of the sensor is processed by computer or circuit equipment to achieve automatic control. Because the response time of sensors is usually relatively short, the real-time control of industrial production can be carried out by computer system. Infrared sensor is a common type of sensor, because infrared sensor is a kind of sensor to detect infrared radiation, and any object in nature will radiate infrared energy as long as its stability is higher than absolute zero. Therefore, infrared sensor is called a very practical kind of sensor, which can be designed by infrared sensor. There are many practical sensor modules, such as infrared thermometer, infrared imager, infrared body detection alarm, automatic door control system and so on.

Infrared radiation sensor is based on the principle of infrared reflection, according to the intensity of reflection to determine whether there is a front obstacle. The measurement accuracy is very high when the distance is moderate. Because the infrared ray is used, the anti-interference ability is very strong. In this way, the stability of the robot is ensured. The infrared range sensor is designed as the core controller with the design of single chip microcomputer. The control signal sent by infrared sensor can be defined by the single chip microcomputer, and the sensor itself feedback the receiving signal itself.

The principle of infrared is that when the power is switched on, the infrared sensor begins to work. When the robot distance obstacle reaches the set range, the sensor receives the reflected infrared ray to a certain degree, and the inner sensor is amplified by the triode, and the low level is output. We can use CPU to judge it. After execution, the corresponding procedures are implemented to avoid obstacles. In general, we can make material level gauge, alarm, automatic door, reversing collision avoidance device, toys, etc. As long as it is installed correctly, it can work without power.

The above is about the introduction and working principle of infrared radiation sensor, and I hope to help friends who want to know infrared sensor. Shenzhen YET science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., more than 10 years of focus on wireless remote control, wireless remote control switch, wireless transceiver module, wireless controller, infrared detector, anti-theft alarm, intelligent lock, smoke detector and other security alarm and intelligent home control products design, research, production and sales of one-stop production suppliers, What about infrared sensors? Welcome to our consultation.

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