What is industrial wireless remote control

123 Published by admin Jun 23,2018

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The industrial wireless remote control is mainly transmitted to the remote industrial wireless remote control receiver system by digital encoding and encryption by wireless transmitter. After decoding and conversion, the receiving system will restore the control instructions and realize the control of all kinds of machinery and equipment. At the same time, it requires the strong magnetic field. The field, strong electric field and radio signal complex environment have one hundred percent anti-interference ability.

YET industrial wireless remote control

The industrial wireless remote controller can be used to control remote wireless remote control devices of construction machinery or industrial equipment. It is mainly used in metallurgy, shipbuilding and container terminals, warehousing, mechanical manufacturing, chemical, paper, construction, engineering machinery and other industries that use lifting machinery and make remote control operation. Its effective control range is any azimuth of the radius of 100 meters and is not affected by the obstacles. The operators only need to carry light emitters, move freely and choose the best (SAFE) visual position to carry out operation, so as to remove the past accidents caused by factors such as inaccuracy of sight, line control, bad environment or improper coordination of command and other factors. . That is to ensure safe operation and greatly improve production efficiency.

The convenience that industrial wireless remote controls bring us:

1. save human resources

Take bridge crane as an example: operation, mooring and hanging and unloading can be undertaken by one person alone without command.

2. improve work efficiency

Operator independent judgment, the accuracy and consistency of operation is significantly higher than before; because it is unnecessary to be controlled by the upper and lower cab and braid (operation line), avoid the operator’s high temperature in the cab at high temperature and the poor working efficiency of the body, therefore, improve the spirit morale and work of the operator. Efficiency.

3. improve the operating environment

Operators can choose the best angle to avoid operating places with poor visibility and serious pollution, and prevent operators from being attacked by harmful gases.

4. improved reliability and reliability

Since the command link is omitted, the misunderstanding caused by improper command is avoided; the operator can operate in the direction of command, see the scene of the hoisting articles more intuitively, and avoid the insecurity of the tower crane operator in the bad weather, and the operator’s communication between the operator and the commander is incorrect. And cause unnecessary accidents.

5. reduce the cost of manufacturing and maintenance

The remote control system has already become a reality and has become a standard production process.

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