How to match the automatic door remote control and how to correctly correct the code?

131 Published by xia, Crystal 10月 10,2018

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The automatic door remote control is a remote control device that uses radio signals to control various mechanisms in the distance. After these signals are received by the remote receiving device, they can command or drive various other mechanical or electronic devices to perform various operations, such as closing the circuit, moving the handle, starting the motor, and then performing the required operations by these machines. As a kind of remote control supplemented with infrared remote control, it has been widely used in garage door, electric door, gate remote control, burglar alarm, industrial control and wireless smart home. The following is a detailed description of how to match the automatic door remote control and the correct code.



So how does the automatic door remote control match?

1. After getting the new remote control, first clear the code and press the two buttons in the upper row.

2. When you see the indicator light flashing continuously, release the two buttons at the same time, clear the code successfully.

3. Start matching buttons below, put the old and new remote controllers together, and press the two buttons at the same position. When the indicator light flashes, release the two buttons, the first button matches successfully.

4, press the matching button, if not released, the indicator light is always on, indicating that the key is successfully matched

5, if the indicator light flashes, it will be off, indicating that there is no match, you can follow the third step to re-match

6. Match other buttons in turn. After it is finished, it can be used normally.


How does the automatic door remote control code?


Code method


There are three types of coding methods commonly used in radio remote control, namely, learning code, fixed code and rolling code. The rolling code is an upgraded product of the fixed code of learning code. At present, in the case of confidentiality requirements, the rolling coding method is used.


The rolling code encoding method has the following advantages:

1. The security type is strong, and the code is automatically changed after each transmission. Others cannot use the code detector to obtain the address code.

2. The coding capacity is large, the number of address codes is greater than 100,000 groups, and the probability of using medium and heavy codes is extremely small;

3, the code is easy (see three, with the remote control method), the rolling code has a learning storage function, no need to use a soldering iron, you can code on the user site, and a receiver can learn as many different transmitters , with a high degree of flexibility in use;

4. The error is small. Due to the advantage of coding, the receiver’s malfunction when it does not receive the local code is almost zero.


The fixed code encoding method has the following advantages and disadvantages:

1. The encoding capacity of the fixed code is only 6561, and the probability of re-sequence is extremely large;

2. The code value can be seen through the solder joint connection method, or can be obtained by using the “detector” at the use site, so it has no confidentiality and is mainly used in occasions with low confidentiality requirements;

3, because of its low price, it has also received a large number of applications;

Advantages and disadvantages of learning code encoding:

1. Large coding capacity, built-in one million sets of codes, low probability of re-code, easy to code, and learning storage function.

2. You don’t need to use a soldering iron, you can check the code on the user’s site.

3, a high degree of flexibility in use

4, low confidentiality

The above is about how to match the automatic door remote control and the correct introduction of the code, I hope to help everyone! Shenzhen Yaoertai Technology Development Co., Ltd., more than 10 years focus on wireless remote control, wireless remote control switch, wireless transceiver module, wireless controller, infrared detector, anti-theft alarm, smart lock, smoke detector and other security alarm and smart home control products The one-stop production supplier of design, R&D, production and sales, the products of Yaoertai can be widely used in electric screens, electric drying racks, electric windows and doors, smart home control, smart home security and other places.


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