Automatic Door Controller Installation And Module Analysis

133 Published by xia, Crystal 8月 16,2018

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Automatic doors have been widely used in various smart home life, so how is the automatic door controller installed? The controller is the control part of the automatic door, which has a direct impact on the daily opening and closing operation of the sensor door. Some precautions must be taken when installing an automatic sensor door controller. The automatic door human body detection part adopts the transmitting and receiving technology of the household appliance remote control, and is not affected by the ambient light. The automatic door controller is an intelligent multi-function manual and wireless remote control dual-purpose electric door controller. The installation wiring of the automatic door controller is explained in detail below.

Automatic door controller installation:

    The automatic door controller should be properly installed by a professional in accordance with the instructions. The power cable and the motor power cable should be copper-sheathed cables with a wire diameter of not less than 1.5mm2, and other control wires should be copper-core cables with a wire cross-section of not less than 0.5mm2. The power line should be connected to the L terminal of the controller, and the neutral line should be connected to the N terminal of the controller.In-flight insurance should use Ф5×20mm/6A quick-blow fuses. It is strictly forbidden to use the internal fuse for direct short-circuit use.The door motor of the electric door should be connected to the P1 terminal block inside the machine. The alarm should be connected to the P4 terminal block inside the machine. Other basic control lines should be connected to the P2 terminal block inside the machine.When installing the wiring, refer to the wiring diagram attached to the product for proper connection. In particular, be careful not to connect the low voltage control line to the high voltage terminal or the high voltage control line to the low voltage terminal. Wiring installation of automatic door controllers In addition to the items specified in this product, other matters shall comply with the relevant provisions of the electrical safety operating procedures. The installation position of the controller is selected according to the specific conditions of the user and suspended on the wall of the five magnetic field interference. The installation height should not be less than 1.2m from the ground. The outgoing cable should be securely fastened along the wall. All installation work should be thoroughly checked before power-on, and the test machine can be sent after confirmation. The probe is mounted at an appropriate height outside and the angle can be adjusted.

Automatic door controller control devices can be divided into 6 major modules:

1. DC motor module: powering the operation of the automatic door;

2. Micro-computer intelligent control system: automatic micro-computer intelligent control chipset,

receive signals from various external devices, drive motor control door operation, set the ideal operation mode through touch keys;

3. Synchronous belt conveying system: conveying the rotation of the motor module and converting into switching movement;

4. Transmission pulley and hanger module: The door piece is suspended on the track. The assembly is equipped with a door wheel, which can move along the aluminum alloy track and adjust the height of the door piece.

5. Aluminum alloy beam;

6. Synchronous belt tension modulation module: This module can adjust the tension of the timing belt to make it stretch smoothly and smoothly.

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